Maeva Ghennam joined Greg after the attack!


Not long ago, Maeva Ghennam was therefore the victim of an assault in Marseille. According to Wassim TV, Greg then decided to join her at her home.

Tied down and stripped bare, Maeva Ghennam was recently the victim of a robbery in the streets of Marseille. On Instagram, Wassim TV then announced that Greg had joined her to support her.

Not long ago, Maeva Ghennam announced that she had some business to settle in Marseille before flying to Dubai, the city of stars.

“Now I’m coming home, going to eat and going to sleep early because tomorrow… Actually, all week I have got loads of stuff to do.

And in fact, I would love to go to Dubai in at least 2/3. So there, I’m going to try to manage everything I have to do here in Marseille, and then I’m going to quit ”.

But Maeva Ghennam’s stay in the southern capital did not quite go as planned … As you probably know, the reality TV star was therefore assaulted!


Maeva Ghennam has just experienced a traumatic episode that she will not soon forget … The blogger has been robbed!

After knocking him down, his assailant then stole his Rolex, a watch costing several euros. Since then, the star has been discreet on social networks.

But Wassim TV, particularly known for its scoops, then unveiled a very big info … According to him, Greg would have joined his ex to support her!

Yes, you did hear it. “Greg went to Maeva Ghennam’s after her assault to check on her”.

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