Maeva Ghennam is ready to get married and have children!


On the networks, Maeva Ghennam confided that she was ready to marry and have children with Greg. The latter is not of the same opinion!

For years now, fans have struggled to follow what’s going on between Maeva Ghennam and Greg. The two fell in love with each other. But they keep breaking up. Despite everything, the young woman wants children with her ex.

During the broadcast of the Marseillais, Greg actually appeared the worst. He even called on a shaman to get rid of Maeva Ghennam. Unfortunately for him, he quickly fell into the arms of the pretty brunette.

For months, therefore, Maeva Ghennam and Greg have not stopped getting back into a relationship and separating. The handsome brunette even supported his ex during the assault she suffered in Marseille. He would have spent the night with her to reassure her.

But now the two are separated again. However, the young woman sees herself having a family life with him. During a conversation with Manon Marsault, she made some really very surprising confidences about her future.


On social networks, Maeva Ghennam said: “I swear if ever, I get back with Greg, I get married. And I make kids with him! It’s only if I get back with him. Otherwise I don’t get back with him ”.

In contrast, the reality TV contestant hit a wall. Her ex didn’t seem at all keen on having children or marrying Carla Moreau’s best friend.

On his Snapchat account, Greg then replied very cash: “What is the bulbizarre? She wants to make kids to everyone ”. But that’s not all. He also confided that all was well ended between them.

Indeed, the young man swung to Maeva Ghennam: “Finito Pipo”. So he seems pretty determined not to get back into a relationship with his ex. It must be said that the latter made him drool. Now he has drawn a line on her.


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