Maeva Ghennam is imprisoned, revealing her twerk!


The beautiful Maeva Ghennam filmed herself twerking! Indeed, the latter was dancing all alone in her hotel room!

Confined for a few days in a luxury hotel, Maeva Ghennam fights against loneliness by dancing! Indeed, the young woman does not hesitate to twerk!

It’s no secret that the beautiful Maeva Ghennam has been confined to a hotel room for several days! And for good reason, the latter still cannot integrate the filming of the Marseillais in Dubai!

The reason ? The beautiful 23-year-old brunette is a contact case! Thus, the latter must wait a few days and pass a negative test to be able to join the program!

An expectation that has the gift of driving the beautiful Maeva Ghennam crazy! So, to kill time, the beautiful brunette twerks! Indeed, Greg Yega’s ex just posted a video of her dancing via her Instagram story!

A post that the beautiful Maeva captioned with humor, as usual: “This is what confinement does to me, I’m going crazy there are 1000 in my head!” »She wrote thus!


The day before Maeva Ghennam had been busy getting ready! Indeed, the young woman had made up and put on her 31 … To take pictures! An improvised photo shoot that internet users loved!

Indeed, the beautiful brunette posted two photos that caused a sensation! Thus, the publication in question already has more than 70,000 likes on the social network, a real record! The comments are also very numerous!

“Too beautiful Maeva Ghennam, a real bomb! “” The hairstyle is too beautiful, the quilts suit you so well! ” ” I find you pretty ! Besides, it’s rare for a reality TV person to be so natural on screen, well done stay that way! ”

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We can thus read on the social network of the young woman of 23 years! Pictures to find here.


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