Maeva Ghennam insults her attackers on Instagram!


Maeva Ghennam gave a big rant against her attackers, but with humor! The beautiful brunette faked a trial in a lawyer dress!

Maeva Ghennam made her subscribers laugh last night… Indeed, the beautiful brunette put on a lawyer dress and simulated the trial of her attackers.

Last week we learned that the Marseille star had been assaulted in front of her house. Very shocked by the situation, she had asked Magali Berdah to react for her!

Thus, Maeva Ghennam’s agent revealed that her client and friend had been attacked with knives by several individuals. The poor !

Greg’s ex was also the victim of theft since her attackers took away many of her belongings … In short, a hell of a story!

Because of this incident, Maeva Ghennam decided to go to Dubai to join her friends and to feel safe… A departure deemed premeditated according to some Internet users who even question the aggression! Ouch.


Either way, Maeva Ghennam seems to have recovered. It must be said that she is pretty well surrounded!

Indeed, her BFF Carla is always there to support her… We love their friendship, don’t you?

So, last night, while several people, including the Guedj, were present at the beautiful brunette, she decided to do the show. Eh yes ! Wearing a lawyer robe, Maeva Ghennam faked a trial for her attackers.

In the position of judge since she calls herself “Master Ghennam”, the star of Marseillais asks that her attackers be put in prison between two insults against them … She really believes it!

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And we almost believe it too! Indeed, Greg Yega’s ex plays her role very well despite the emotion! Well done to her!

A reconversion in justice for Maeva? In any case, the avocado robe really suits her!


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