Maeva Ghennam decides and takes action after her attack!


For the past few days, Maeva Ghennam has been going very badly. She is struggling to recover from her assault. So she made a radical decision!

Maeva Ghennam is suffering. She has a hard time forgetting her painful stabbing attack. Worse yet, she thinks about it day and night! She doesn’t even sleep anymore!

So she confided in her Snapchat account: “I was assaulted when I got home. I left for my hair, I’m going home. And at the time of returning, two guys came. They attacked me “.

“They hid below my house. And they hit me, they took everything I had from me. They had a knife. And they put the knife to my throat. They grabbed me by the hair and swept me away. They took my Rolex from me. ”

“I’m talking to you but I’m still shocked, traumatized. What I’ve been through is scary. It’s traumatic. I have nightmares about it, I don’t sleep anymore. I am scared. It happened to me in front of my home gate ”.

Maeva Ghennam then continues: “They waited for me for 30min. They beat me up, threatened me with a knife. I thought I was going to die. It’s too scary, it’s traumatic. They took everything from me. The material I don’t care “.


The beautiful Maeva Ghennam has therefore taken a radical decision. That of leaving France because she does not feel safe! She then said on Snapchat:

“I don’t see myself living in France with bodyguards. I am not Kylie Jenner. It is not a life. I want to live my life to the fullest. So I want to come home at any time without being afraid, to dress as I want so that I don’t get stolen.

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Maeva Ghennam no longer trusts the police: “I want to live healthily but we in France cannot. Because in France you can’t! So you get mugged in your home, burgled, the police don’t protect you. The police don’t care because you’re part of the public. “


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