Maeva Ghennam criticized on Twitter for her surgery!


On social networks, several Internet users have accused Maeva Ghennam of having totally abused with her many cosmetic surgeries!

A few years ago, Maeva Ghennam managed to make herself known thanks to her participation in the Marseillais. And the least we can say is that she has changed a lot because of her cosmetic surgeries.

If Maeva Ghennam was natural at the very beginning, she has changed a lot over the months. Indeed, she has performed several cosmetic surgeries that have clearly transformed her. Internet users do not hesitate to clash it.

This Wednesday, January 20, an Internet user confided on Twitter: “Surgery when it fails it sucks your life”. Another then challenged several reality TV candidates such as Maeva Ghennam.

A subscriber balanced: “Maeva, Manon Marsault, Sarah Martins, Fidji, Julia Paredes and so on. In short, all of you, we’re talking to you! “. A criticism that will surely not make them think about it.


Maeva Ghennam has never hidden her operations from her fans. She gave injections to the face, to the lips. She also performed liposuction, lipofilling. The young woman also remade her buttocks or her breasts.

And the least we can say is that the reality TV contestant has no problem with cosmetic surgery. In January 2020, Maeva Ghennam revealed: If I am telling you about it, it is not to advertise “.

The young woman also explained: “I have no taboos with cosmetic surgery. I don’t recommend that you do it. You really have to think about it. But me, I am really complexed. Especially when you can see it on TV! “.

Maeva Ghennam concluded: “When you go to the screen, you gain 5 kilos. And suddenly I am seriously complexed. Now she looks better in her body!


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