Maeva Ghennam balancing Benjamin Samat and Maddy


Alix des Princes et les Princesses de l’Amour 4 talks about her quarrel with Maeva Ghennam, Benjamin Samat and Maddy and she confides in no joke!

We told you about it on melty, Maeva Ghennam of LMvsMonde5 could be ready to be reconciled with Alix as this video suggests! In this live Instagram with Zatis, Alix also takes the floor and explains that there is nothing serious between Maeva Ghennam and her but that even if they no longer speak to each other, she remains in her heart. The candidate of the Princes and Princesses of Love 4 says that she is not too closely linked to the world of TV unlike Marseille and that they evolve differently. She confirms that it all started with her launch party for her makeup brand, but they were already cold before …


Alix does not accept that Maeva Ghennam speaks to her in this way, and she makes it understood! However, the door is not closed to a possible reconciliation … The candidate takes the opportunity to tackle Maissane and Victoria following their clash on social networks by calling them a kid! Finally, Alix makes a new update concerning Benjamin Samat by revealing that she is tired of being told about him and that they have both rebuilt their lives … On the other hand, she would have liked Maddy to have “a little more correction” vis-à-vis her ex! Also find out here which candidates of the Princes and Princesses of Love 4 were at war because of a contender on the set!

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