Maeva Ghennam and Greg very close again?


Has Maeva Ghennam made peace with Greg? Would the two ex be finally on good terms This year 2020 has been very important for Maeva Ghennam despite the health crisis. Indeed, it has accumulated televisions. And she also started her own business.

A business that holds up since the cosmetic products of the bimbo are a hit! So much so that they are even out of stock! She is therefore very happy! Especially since it is more and more followed on social networks.

Only here, this year was catastrophic on the sentimental level of the young woman. Maeva Ghennam has not been spoiled in love. Yet she had started a beautiful relationship with Greg.

But it all deteriorated overnight! From then on, Maeva Ghennam declared war on him! And it was felt in the Marseillais vs the rest of the world!

Greg got into a relationship with another woman. And he didn’t hesitate to betray her ex by eliminating him during the Marseille’s penultimate ceremony.


A hard blow that Carla’s girlfriend still cannot digest! The proof ! She insulted him live on social media! She swore she would never forgive him! And she also adds small tackles against Greg on her Instagram posts.

But since then, have the two ex been patched up? This is very likely! Because according to the Instagram account @ lesmarseillaisvsrdm5_, Greg and her ex would have thus unblocked on Instagram.

Moreover ! They would talk to each other again! Today, the influencer shared a video with Paga and Greg on her Snapchat account. They laugh together.

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One thing is certain, Internet users are really eager to learn more! Because it must be said, the duo Maeva Ghennam-Greg is missing a lot on TV!


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