Maeva Ghennam and Benjamin Samat


Why are Maeva Ghennam, Benjamin Samat and all these TV candidates going to Dubai? This is the big question of the moment!

Fans watch their idols go to other places. In this case, TV candidates like Maeva Ghennam or Benjamin Samat have chosen Dubai.

At the moment, departures for the Emirates are becoming more and more frequent. Indeed, since this summer alone we have seen several of our favorite stars fly to Dubai.

Among them are Caroline Receveur, Benjamin Samat, Maddy Burciaga and even the Tanti! That’s a hell of a lot of people.

Especially since these stars will soon be joined by Maeva Ghennam. The Lozina are also expected to arrive after the birth of their baby boy!

As for the Garcias and the JLC Family, they’ve been living there for some time… They felt the right plan!

So why is it a good idea to go to Dubai?


The first aspect that the stars put forward is: safety. Indeed, most of them decided to leave following a burglary or even an assault!

This is the case with Maeva Ghennam who has had many mishaps in France … So this week after yet another problem, she decided to leave for Dubai.

Yet the fans expected it … Indeed, they had noticed the back and forth of the beautiful brunette in the Emirates!

Another criterion put forward by Maeva Ghennam’s colleagues is the climate… The weather is nice and hot all year round! A daily life that therefore looks like a vacation!

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Finally, it seems that the stars forget to tell us an important point vis-à-vis their departure… Indeed, Dubai is a tax haven!

This therefore explains it! The stars earning big sums are fed up with seeing that money go into state coffers! Now you know everything!

And you, were you surprised when Maeva Ghennam left for Dubai?


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