Madureira vaccine is not Madureira’s


This week, the news went viral that a suspected counterfeit vaccine against covid-19 was being marketed in Madureira, a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but Marco Faustino, a journalist and contributor to the fact-checking website E-farces, decided to research that story and shared his impressions on his Twitter profile. According to the professional, the content is false.

“From the beginning, this story had a gigantic ‘red flag’: a single photo. Just one photo? No video? What about the application? And the photo of the certificate?”, Asks Marco, who adds: “If this were so common, given the ‘blind belief’ (to put it another way) of people, hundreds would have already bought and several photos and videos would be popping up there, but there is absolutely NOTHING. A part of the press gave voice to mere anecdotal evidence “.

In addition, he indicates, the site linked to the story would be linked to other information without basis.

Where did the photo come from?

Faustino explains that the image in question was taken in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, during a “vaccination event” promoted by Palms Sports, which offers sports training programs. To prove it, he included in his considerations the video posted on December 14 by the organization.

“I talked to two athletes from Palms Sports, who assured me that this is the same gym where the vaccination event promoted by the company took place. They said that ‘everyone’ took pictures / videos with the vaccine box. Both were helping to find the author “, he clarifies.


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