Mads Mikkelsen explains why he doesn’t like the method of acting


Mads Mikkelsen shows that he is not a fan of the method of the game, calling the whole approach “nonsense” and saying that he is not impressed by it.

Mads Mikkelsen reveals the reasons why he does not like the method of acting approach of some actors. After Mikkelsen became well known to American audiences for his role as the villain in Casino Royale 2006, he went on to play another villainous character in the famous NBC series Hannibal. Mikkelsen made his MCU debut in 2016’s Doctor Strange, playing the villain again, and is also due to appear in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets and Indiana Jones 5.

The method of acting is a practice used by some actors to immerse themselves more fully in a character. Daniel Day-Lewis is well known for his methodical approach to the game, a strategy that seems to be paying off for him, given that he has won three Oscars for Best Actor. Jared Leto is another actor who uses the method approach for his roles, most recently in Morbius. Director Daniel Espinosa recently confirmed that Leto would use crutches on Morbius to limp to the bathroom between takes, a practice that took so long that the actor was eventually asked to use a wheelchair to speed up the process.

In a new interview with GQ, Mikkelsen shared his thoughts on the method of acting, eventually calling this practice “nonsense.” Mikkelsen explains that such preparation, especially when the film turns out to be bad, is simply not impressive and does not deserve praise. Check out Mikkelsen’s full comment below:

“What if it’s a shitty movie—what do you think you’ve achieved? Am I impressed that you haven’t lost your temper? You should have dropped it from the start! How to prepare for a serial killer? Are you going to spend two years checking it out?

Although Day-Lewis has been successful with his methodical approach to acting, Leto is an example of an actor for whom a methodical approach often doesn’t pay off. In order to prepare for the role of the Joker in Suicide Squad, Leto reportedly staged some strange pranks on his co-stars, and this film became a huge disappointment for the audience. Morbius, too, was not greeted particularly warmly. Similarly, Benedict Cumberbatch is said to have used a methodical approach to get into the role in “The Power of the Dog”, not appearing for a long time and even at one point acting on the nerves of his film partner Jesse Plemons.

Mikkelsen’s position on the method of the game is certainly understandable, given how often stars appear in the headlines for doing strange things in an attempt to get into the role. Actors will obviously have a variety of methods to get into the role for every film they make, but sometimes these methods, taken to the extreme, can annoy colleagues or even slow down the production of a film. When the method of action actively distracts from the experience of others on the set, as, for example, in Leto’s approach to Morbius, it becomes doubtful whether these methods should be allowed at all. Mikkelsen, after all, raises a good question with his comment about preparing for the role of a serial killer — at a certain point, the method of the game becomes a little ridiculous.