Madonna’s Julia Garner Joins Florence Pugh in the Most Beautiful Fashion For a Miracle


Florence Pugh and Julia Garner are dazzling in their own way. The actresses, who are in their 20s, began their careers in Hollywood as children. But the young talents quickly achieved success, getting the main roles from the very beginning. While Pugh first appeared in the popular drama “The Fall” (2014), Garner is best known for the Netflix family crime series “Ozark.”

The American actress won three Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress for the series alone. The 28-year-old recently got the role of Madonna in the biopic of the singer. But she managed to attend an event dedicated to Pugh’s latest film.

How Florence Pugh and Julia Garner are styled in their own way

Julia Garner and Florence Pugh looked like they were attending two different events. They both attended the “Miracle” LA Tastemaker, which took place on November 21. Garner was all in red, as she was wearing a long Temperley London coat from their Spring 2023 collection, and Pugh was all in black, in a bralette and a long Galvan skirt. The actress is known for choosing fancy and colorful dresses for her images on the red carpet. “Miracle” was released on November 2, and it stars Pugh with Tom Burke, Kiaran Hinds, Elaine Cassidy, etc.

The secret thriller directed by Sebastian Leilo is a historical film set in 1862. In the film, a nurse is sent to a village in Ireland to observe a “miracle girl” who is alive and well despite not eating any food. Although this attracts everyone’s attention, the question arises whether all this is a hoax.

While the English actress received praise for her role, she missed out on the role of Madonna for the actress inventing Anna. Other shortlisted participants were Alexa Demi and Emma Laird. Although the release date of the film has not yet been set, the 63-year-old singer wants to fill the team with qualified women. Despite the direct competition, both actresses seem to support each other in their careers, as evidenced by Garner’s appearance at the Pew event.

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