Madonna: his secret? Drink your own urine after every concert!


Madonna has an iron health! Between dieting and sport, she does not skimp on anything. She also drinks her urine after her workouts and her concerts! 

Madonna is on all fronts! A few months ago, the star has released her latest album entitled “Madame X”. To promote it, the interpreter of “Like a Virgin” then began a world tour. And the least we can say is that his fans are at the rendezvous! On the Web, the muse of Jean-Paul Gaultier loves revealing behind the scenes of his show through photos and videos.

It’s no secret, Madonna is addicted to the sport. If at 61, she shows a silhouette of dreams it’s not for nothing. She would have always opted for very strict diets. Passionate about dance, she has been practicing this discipline since a very young age. The star has also passed on her passion to her four children!

On the Web, Madonna also unveiled her many rituals to be at the top of her form! The star has also surprised its many subscribers with a new video. In the extract unveiled on Insta, Rocco’s mother begins to warm up with her coach by doing some boxing moves. Then the star slowly turns in an ice bath. An excellent method to treat body pains after the sport!

On the video, Madonna does not seem to escape unscathed from her session. Tenacious as usual, she begins to dance. Leaving her bathtub, the mother of Lourdes then wraps a bathrobe before drying. An innocuous gesture you will say, but the story does not stop there. The star then grabbed a cup … of urine! Just that. “It’s very good to drink urine once out of the frozen bath,” she said face camera! Enjoy your meal !


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