Madness Sommer Ray! Watch the video and what it teaches!


Sommer Ray does not stop his training at any time. The American makes a difference with the competition because she remains firm in the gym when others are on vacation. When you watch the video you will understand the reason for the extreme toning it shows in each of its publications. Followers are delighted that he achieves that level of perfection based on discipline and not on cosmetic surgeries.

In the video that Sommer decided to publish, he is performing one of the most demanding routines to strengthen his legs. With the use of resistance bands, you perform a personalized exercise that adds volume and strength. This is one of the best techniques to achieve the desired voluptuousness completely naturally.

The best thing about resistance bands is that they offer various variants that can be applied and adapted to the individual’s needs. Among the variants are: the front squat, leg extension, foot adductors, clamshell supination, to name the most important, but there is a greater amount.

Ray is one of the defenders of the human body as it is, trying to break the line of thought that places aesthetic medicine as a necessity. Of course, with 23 years of age it seems that everything is possible.

Sommer Ray defends a style
Normally, social media models turn to the plastic surgeon to achieve bodies that are completely removed from reality. This way they get explosive photos. This is not the case with Sommer Ray, since he has taken a firm stance on the importance of taking care of the body. For her, being healthy is contradicted when the body is injected or includes implants that in some cases can be rejected by the body. From his great body and the advice that his followers continuously value, he fights for a style that analyzed in different angles is admirable.


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