Madison Lecroy says she “can’t trust” her Southern Charm Co-stars after Season 8: “Looking forward to reuniting”


Telling it like it is. Madison Lecroy spoke honestly about her time in Southern Charm, admitting that she was ready for anything before reuniting in the eighth season of the show.

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During a Q&A on Instagram on Sunday, August 14, 31-year-old Madison received a question from a fan that read: “What is the most important lesson you have learned while participating in a reality show?”

In response, the salon owner uploaded a video from a recent episode of the show, adding: “Be heartless in this industry because you literally can’t trust anyone… You think some people are your friends, but then you realize. I think we all know that you don’t want to be on my bad side! I’m looking forward to the reunion.”

The clip, which was shown on Thursday, August 11, showed Madison chatting with Taylor Ann Green at Patricia Altschul’s dog wedding, while Madison’s ex-boyfriend Austin Kroll watched from afar. The hairdresser explained that she wanted her blue dress to radiate an atmosphere of a Cold Heart.

Madison answered another question on social media in which she asked for advice on how to get rid of infidelity, to which she wrote: “1. Cheat on him 2. Dump him 3. Get a hot body 4. Get a hotter boyfriend.”

Bravo’s online personality comment comes as viewers watch the drama between her and 35-year-old Austin unfolding in the current season of “Southern Charm.” After their breakup, the “Winter Home” star struggled to move on, dating her new co-star Olivia Flowers.

Madison, for her part, also didn’t always see eye to eye with the new woman in her ex’s life. According to the South Carolina native, she tried to be nice to 30-year-old Olivia before everything changed.

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“I thought Olivia called me a homebody, considering we weren’t friends, it was kind of a joke. To be honest, I have nothing to say about her except good words,” Madison exclusively told Us Weekly last month. “Guys, you know I’m being sarcastic, but when I called her plain, [it] could have been worse. I thought, like, homeless, because I don’t think she lives with her mom and dad.”

At the time, Madison noted that their problems “will continue” until Olivia “stops throwing” her shadow. “That’s what I’m here for,” she added, before talking about Olivia and Austin as a couple. “I think she’s tall. Well. I think I put her right there with Austin, and I think they’re going to be a great couple.”

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Madison and Austin’s periodic romance was the focus of the show for seasons 6 and 7. After their breakup, the businesswoman left for Brett Randle, and the couple announced their engagement in October 2021 after seven months of dating. Meanwhile, the founder of Kings Calling Brewing has released information about Olivia in season 8.

The newcomer also recently addressed his feud with Madison, telling us, “I went from homeless to total trash in less than a day. I thought it was impressive.” Earlier this month, Olivia noted that Madison seemed “calculating” when it came to their interactions on and off screen, adding, “I don’t think much of her.”

Southern Charm airs Thursdays on Bravo at 21:00 ET.


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