Madison Invites You To Face Horror Using Only One Camera


Madison: Horror games have proliferated a lot in the indie segment, where smaller studios try to stand out by scaring youtubers and content creators. So it can be difficult to find a good game among so many options, but Madison might deserve some of your attention. The game has just released a new trailer, which you can check below:

Right in the video we can see a strong inspiration in the iconic Silent Hills P.T., the demo of the “game that never was”. But along with this spooky setting, there’s a gameplay element that seems to have come from another acclaimed series: Fatal Frame. That’s because Madison only “arms” the player with a Polaroid camera, which must be used to solve puzzles and advance through the game.

Game Informer explains that the game’s name comes from its antagonist, a demon named Madison. The player takes on the role of Luca, the protagonist who has already started the game trapped in a dark room covered in blood. Madison wants to force Luca to finish a demonic ritual that would have started many years ago in this place.

It’s up to the player, then, to find out how Luca got there and what are the secrets behind the ritual, to manage to escape with his life and, who knows, stop Madison’s plans.

Madison is developed by Nosebleed Games and arrives later this year, on an unspecified date. For now the game has been confirmed only for the PC.


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