MADiSON: how to solve the riddle of the well

The well puzzle in MADiSON is necessary for players to progress, but it requires a little backtracking to find the right combination of characters. MADiSON is an indie first—person psychological horror game in which players must solve puzzles and defeat enemies in order to advance through the story. As with other puzzle-based survival horror games, players need to decipher cryptic clues to complete the game. One of the main features that helps players in this is the instant camera; when the main character of the Bow uses it, it will cause changes in the plot of the game.
Players will find the well when searching the basement of their grandfather’s house in MADiSON after examining the narrow shelves at the end of a long basement corridor. First take a picture of the red door in the basement; this will give the players an entrance. When the players approach him for the first time, the character will notice that he must be unwell, as the view is quite disturbing. Two lines of candles lead to the well, and the entire area is surrounded by a crime scene tape. The rest of the room should be incredibly large, as the edges are obscured by fog, which makes the entire basement seem otherworldly. There are three locks holding the well lid, and when players interact with them, the character will notice that he has already seen the symbols on the locks before.
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To solve the riddle of the well, players need to return from the basement. The symbols that Luca sees on the locks come from a sign on the wall of the red safe room next to the dining room, so players have to go back to get them. The characters are randomized in each game, so there is no single code to open the locks; players have to look for their own codes.
Solving the riddle of the Well in MADiSON
Once players find the mystery of the well in the basement at MADiSON, they can return to the top. On the first floor of the house, go straight down the corridor to the dining room, then through the door at the back left of the room. In the next room, players will see a series of geometric shapes superimposed on each other — two triangles and a hexagon. In the middle of these figures there are several circles with question marks and symbols on them. Players must use their instant camera to take a picture of this strange marking on the wall, and the image they will receive will have three yellow circles. The marks in these yellow circles correspond to the symbols that players must use on the well, as well as the placement of locks.
The locks are arranged in the same order as the circles and symbols on the wall; the lower left circle in the drawing corresponds to the left lock on the front of the well, the lower right circle corresponds to the right lock on the front of the well, and the upper circle corresponds to the lock on the back of the well. Well. The main circle in the center of the image should be a well from a bird’s-eye view. Go back to the well, enter the symbols as shown in the image, take a picture of the well as soon as the locks are unlocked and the top of the well will explode. Thus, the players will solve the riddle of the well in MADiSON.