MADiSON: Guide to Wells (how to unlock padlocks)


Search for hints and hints for a Well puzzle How to solve a well puzzle

MADiSON is a first—person Survival Horror game with puzzle elements and lots of atmospheric frightening moments. P.T. fans enjoy the intense MADiSON experience, but not without some difficulty limitations.

For example, MADiSON comes with an additional difficulty selection that changes the gameplay hints and the difficulty of enemies from simple to complex and even higher. Fortunately, the solutions to the puzzles remain unchanged, so the first real puzzle can be solved without any problems.

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New players trying the MADiSON game at the Hard difficulty level for the first pass are recommended to use the camera whenever possible. This is because the simple mode provides visual cues to tell players which aspects of the game can be photographed, while the complex mode removes this feature.

Since the Well Puzzle solution may require a refund, it would be helpful for players to read the manual in full before trying to find the answer on their own.

Search for hints and hints for the well riddle

The riddle of the “Well” arises during Luca’s exploration of a typically creepy basement, but the solution can be obtained at the beginning of the game. When Luka enters a room with a TV and messages scrawled on the wall, you can find an adjacent room with a red safe, which has a cassette (and the ability to store other items if the player chooses).

Back in the main room, there is a large symbol on the wall with question marks and spaces; photographing this reveals some important details that are only visible in the photo.

Entering the dining room of Grandpa’s house will lead to a sudden power outage, and Luke will have to enter the basement, located at the bottom of the stairs at the end of the corridor on the right.

The limited scale of MADiSON installed in one place means it’s easier to explore the house when the lights come back on. After reactivating the generator, Luka will be able to interact with the cassette player in the dining room and listen to cassette No. 1.

After the sound ends, a scene in which Luca seems to be suffering from a kind of migraine will automatically play, after which an updated image will appear in his diary.

This image leads Luka to the basement, which is closed by a red door. If you go back down and walk past the generator into the niche (if the player has not yet explored this place), this will lead to the entrance to the basement, which, unfortunately, is locked.

However, astute players remember that insects are mentioned in audio cassette No. 1, which are a sign of the presence of a monster that covers the red door.

Thus, photographing the door will make the screen shake and open the red door, which will be accompanied by another creepy revelation in the photo if the player examines it.

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How to solve the riddle of the well

The entrance to the basement will lead Luka to a well hidden behind fog and disturbing sounds. The well, however, is locked with three locks with unusual symbols on them, which means that a key to the code is required, as in the infamous complex Silent Hill puzzles. Fortunately, trained players will be able to easily unlock the well without going back.

The castle symbols are revealed to the players by photographing the sign on the wall from the red safe room. It should be noted that the symbols are assigned randomly and vary depending on the difficulty of the game, so players cannot “break the sequence” of the puzzle.

By aligning the position of the symbols with their corresponding position on the well, the player can enter the correct lock code. If everything is done correctly, all that needs to be done is to take another instant photo of the well, which will lead to the destruction of the stone lid and open the way forward.

There are even more creepy puzzles and sinister sights in MADiSON, so it will be helpful for players who want to complete the game quickly or at higher difficulty levels to learn the puzzle process in advance.

MADiSON is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.