Madelaine Petsch reveals her secret for a pretty butt!


In a video posted on Youtube, Madelaine Petsch, from Riverdale, has just revealed her secret to working her buttocks.

Even if you don’t watch the Riverdale series, you probably know actress Madelaine Petsch. The pretty redhead with the perfect body. A body she maintains every day. She has just revealed her secrets on Youtube.

Because yes, to be in top form, there is no secret. We have to work and play sports. Something the actress seems to do every day. And if some were looking for an exercise to work their glutes, they will be served.

Indeed, as noted by our colleagues at Shape, the actress of Riverdale has decided to please her fans. By showing them a video explaining all the movements she made to get the ball going upside down.

Best of all, you will only need 10 minutes, and hardly any tools, to perform the exercise in question. However, we recommend that you do it when you have finished the day. Since the efforts may wear you out.

In any case, that’s what the Riverdale actress was suggesting. The latter, making it known, at the end of the video, that “at this point, I have a feeling my butt is going to fall out.” In order to make us understand how intense it could be.

But the greatest athletes will tell us that the beautiful works well if she feels exhausted. “No pain no gain” as some will say. Indeed, without effort and without pain, we have no results.

Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale) reveals her secret to a pretty butt!


We invite you to watch the video in question to find out how to do it. A video that also seems to serve as product placement for the beauty.

Indeed, between two exos, the actress of Riverdale takes the opportunity to change her outfit. To unveil its Fabletics collection. Shape, taking the opportunity to announce good news to all fans of the young woman’s collection:

“You can have two leggings for the price of one by paying $ 24 if you sign up for a membership. For training you will only need a glute band and ankle weights for resistance.

This allows you to work your glutes while going about your business. But if you want to do the exercise from A to Z, you will only need 10 minutes to do it. It remains to be seen whether you want to suffer during these famous minutes or not.

Knowing that you will have to make glute bridge, glut bridge and abduction, all fours, single leg or even kick. In short, a whole panel that sports connoisseurs know. On the other hand, some do not know how to perform the movements well.

That’s why, the Riverdale actress’s video is welcome and should be used by more than one person.


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