Made a Trademark Application! Giant Football Club Prepares For Metaverse


PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) FC, one of the world’s leading football clubs, has taken its first steps to establish an online presence in the metaverse. The club has filed a trademark application to provide a number of services, including software for authentication purposes, souvenirs and articles linked to non-alterable tokens (NFTs).

Preparing for PSG Metaverse

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a French football club with a large following in Europe, has begun preparations to have a presence in the metaverse and is securing its name for use in these ecosystems.

The club has filed a series of trademark applications attempting to establish the brand in several virtual souvenir and trading cards, all of which have been validated by immutable tokens (NFTs).

Introduced on March 16, the trademark application includes downloadable audio and video recordings, downloadable multimedia files containing text, audio and video related to sports events, and products for use in offline and/or online virtual worlds, all verified via NFTs.

In addition, PSG has included its cryptocurrency wallet software in this application.

Sharing the news on his social media account, patent attorney Michael Kondoudis made the following statements on the subject;

This application represents the next logical step to protect the brand as it enters the Metaverse. Clearly, PSG sees the potential of the Metaverse and is preparing its trademark for the virtual economy that will dominate.

Sports Teams Aiming New Horizons

PSG is not the first European football club to recognize the importance of the metaverse as an alternative to expand its reach and gain new business opportunities. Another football club, FC Barcelona, ​​has already started a series of preparations to transition to metaverse and NFT products.

Therefore, Metaverse and NFTs have managed to become a trend followed by many sports organizations due to the job opportunities available within them.

Following these branding movements, Kondoudis stated that he thinks the trend will grow in the short term and continued as follows;

We expect the number of trademark applications from the professional sports industry for NFT, digital assets and services to increase over the next twelve months as brands begin to appreciate the metaverse.

PSG launched its own fan token in 2020 and plans to use crypto to pay off part of the contract of football giant Lionel Messi, which was signed by the club in August.