Made of 15 times stronger material than steel, the world’s most robust coat


The Dutch-based company Vollebak has announced its super-durable jacket, which it describes as the güçlü strongest jacket in the world.. Vollebak, due to the structure of the coat will not suffer any damage during the lifetime.

Durable clothing brand Vollebak continues to offer groundbreaking clothes to adventure lovers for years. Vollebak also has a well-deserved reputation for producing the most robust clothes in the world. The durable garment manufacturer had previously developed and launched an indestructible hooded sweatshirt and a double-sided trousers that last 100 years.

Vollebak, now claimed to be the world’s most robust coat announced. Vollebak, the new coat 15 times stronger than steel, 40 times stronger than aramid external structure due to cutting, tearing and impacts will not be damaged against the announced.

Regarding the jacket he claims to be the iddia most robust jacket in the world, le Vollebak said on his website that the material they use on the outer surface of the jacket is used in bulletproof vehicles, anchoring systems of ships, and to anchor oil rigs at sea.

Vollebak’s developers designed the jacket to be very lightweight. Due to this lightweight design, the outer surface of the jacket is made of nylon polyester that can be easily torn. However, the coat is covered with dyneema, the world’s most powerful fiber. However, the coat weighs only 2.5 kilograms.

The durable coat of Vollebak, called Indestructible Puffer, is designed to provide more protection as it cools out. Research on the coat at -50 degrees Celsius showed that the coat strengthened 5-10 percent.

Indestructible Puffer, described by Vollebak as en the world’s toughest coat görünüyor, seems to be an item you will leave to your children. Indestructible Puffer, which claims to be the most robust coat in the world, was offered for sale at a price of 985 dollars .


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