Maddy, Oceane and Marine El Himer are at war on set?


Maddy Benjamin came to the Marseillais set in Dubai to join Samat! Are relations with Océane and Marine El Himer strained?

Maddy and Benjamin suggested that Samat stopped filming the Marseilles in Dubai … But frankly, the two nominees are still part of filming for the anniversary season of the W9’s flagship program. ! Benjamin Samat and Maddy even participated in the game of yesterday’s problems that were absolutely sparking in the villa … Would Maddy be mad at Océane and Marine El Himer?

According to the information from Lesmarseillaisàdubaï_ Instagram account, “Gemini and Maddy are friends on set”! An unexpected statement that has something to surprise Internet users who expect candidates to be cold on the adventure. Maeva Ghennam is still unanimous amongst Maddy Marseille ever since she was dealing with the young woman on her social networks by proving that Benjamin Samat did not appreciate her girlfriend … Also here, discover all the information about Marsault, who is in the worst case and suffers from anxiety attacks Marseillais in Dubai on set.


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