Maddy Burciaga really pregnant with Benjamin Samat?


Is Maddy Burciaga pregnant with Benjamin Samat? The rumor is gaining momentum on social networks … She runs, she runs the rumor … It has been several days that Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga are in the crosshairs of the media.

And for good reason, the handsome kid and the pretty blonde would be about to give birth to their first baby. What caught the attention of Internet users was the absence of the handsome boy from the casting of the Marseillais in Dubai. But not only.

The young home who was to be an integral part of the cast has backed down. His companion, Maddy who was therefore announced during the shooting initially, will not be present in the first episodes. And that’s not all.

Another indication that the couple are about to give birth to a baby is the couple’s recent outing to a very important medical institute. It was the Instagram account @ aka.tvshow that revealed that Maddy Burciaga visited a specialist in reproduction and IVF.


The Snapchat account therefore made some very interesting revelations about the couple. And the visibly knowledgeable account made further revelations. We reveal them to you.

A source close to the Instagram account in question, made even more extensive revelations about Maddy’s health. According to relatives of the couple, the pretty blonde is already pregnant now.

Obviously, we must therefore take these revelations with a grain of salt. Because neither Maddy nor Benjamin have confirmed the rumor. If the young woman is pregnant, she will announce it in due course on Instagram. Like he usually does.

The young woman who now lives in Dubai with her darling Benjamin, does not care about rumors. After spending the Christmas holidays with her loved ones, the pretty blonde has found her other half. And the two lovers are inseparable.

A great sports fan, she therefore shares her sessions with her darling every day. Benjamin Samat. The hunk has launched his own sports coaching video app. Fitaya, and it’s a hit!


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