Maddy Burciaga lesson for romantic evening with Benjamin!


Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga posted a Story on Instagram where the couple seem more in love than ever and ready to party!

Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga have been the subject of numerous rumors for several days.

According to some media, the couple are about to give birth to their first baby. What caught the attention of Internet users was the young man’s absence from the Marseillais casting in Dubai. But not only !

Even though he had to be an integral part of the team, he finally backed down. His companion, who was also announced during the shooting initially, will not be present in the first episodes. And that’s not all !

Another clue that the couple are about to host a happy event: the couple’s recent outing to a very important medical institute. It was the Instagram account @ aka.tvshow that revealed that Maddy Burciaga visited a specialist in reproduction and IVF. Astonishing!

A source close to the Instagram account in question, made even more extensive revelations about Maddy’s health. She confirms that the pretty blonde is already pregnant now.

Obviously, we must therefore take these revelations with a grain of salt. Because neither Maddy nor Benjamin have confirmed anything yet. To be continued !


But Maddy Burciaga, who now lives in Dubai with her darling Benjamin, does not care about the rumors. After spending the Christmas holidays with her relatives, the young woman has found her other half. And the two lovers are inseparable!

Yesterday, they shared their evening with us… with friends! So the reality TV contestant posted a first photo of herself and her sweetheart, in the mirror in their apartment.

She was wearing a pretty black low-cut top, dark pants and high boots. All complemented by a sky blue handbag. For his part, the handsome brunette was dressed in light jeans and a plaid shirt. Awesome !

Next, we learn that they went to a restaurant called Kong, where they tasted good things like mixed salad and foie gras. What luck !

Obviously, they toasted (to the new year perhaps). Thus, it is in the third Insta Story of the beautiful young woman that we discover that Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat are in the company of Stéphanie Durant and her darling, Théo Soggiu.

To say the least, they weren’t bored. Indeed, the place was animated by various dance performances, in particular. So a big atmosphere!

We hope that the couple will have enjoyed this little moment of relaxation with friends!


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