Maddy Burciaga is still controversial with her brand!


According to Melty, Maddy Burciaga of the Marseillais is once again at the heart of a controversy, this time over her brand.

A few days ago, Maddy Burciaga of the Marseillais was the subject of much criticism on the Internet. She accused of lying about her brand which would donate 25% of its profits to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. If at first the idea was to bring tears to your eyes, it really would not be. According to journalist Hugo Clément, the pretty blonde would never have had the agreement of the Foundation in question.

A few days ago, Benji’s sweetheart spoke. In order to defend herself as best she could in the face of rumors about her. If the situation seems to have calmed down recently, a new event risks reviving criticism of it.

Indeed, as Melty said, the Marseille candidate would take her fans for idiots by doing dropshipping. If some do not know what it is, the concept is to sell products, costing around 10 euros initially, 5 to 6 times more expensive by passing them off as personal creations.

Something that the pretty blonde would do according to the media and the Insta Lesmarseillaisvsrdm5_ account.

It remains to be seen what the Marseillais candidate will respond to in order to defend herself. In any case, the least we can say is that she has just plunged into a new scandal quite quickly …

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