Maddy Burciaga has finally revealed her shoe collection!


Maddy Burciaga posted a video of her huge shoe collection via her Instagram story! The young woman refuses nothing!

Watch out for your eyes… Maddy Burciaga has just unveiled images of her incredible collection of shoes…

For a few months now, Maddy Burciaga has settled down in Dubai! Indeed, the young woman now lives in this city where she has found the villa of her dreams! A dream house that she films regularly via her Instagram stories or Snap Chat!

So, this Thursday, January 7, 2020, the beautiful 27-year-old blonde posted a very short video of her dressing room via her Instagram story! Images on which we could see his huge collection of heels!

We let you in turn admire the collection in question below! This is indeed a screenshot of the beautiful Maddy Burciaga’s Instagram story!


Maddy Burciaga posted a stunning photo of herself in a bikini top the day before! A post that the young woman captioned as follows: “Hi you! »A publication that Internet users have loved!

Indeed, in barely 24 hours, the publication in question has already accumulated more than 230,000 likes, a real record for the beautiful 27-year-old blonde! The comments are also very numerous!

Indeed, Maddy Burciaga fans wanted to compliment their favorite influencer! “Canon, you really are the prettiest Maddy!” »« A look to die for, you really are a little ray of sunshine! “” What a woman, Benjamin Samat is very lucky! ”

Can we read on the social network of the darling of Benjamin Samat! Comments all more adorable than each other which will therefore please the beautiful Maddy! We let you admire the cliché in question of the latter here.

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