Maddy Burciaga happy with her car decorated to her taste!


It’s no secret that Maddy Burciaga is a car fan! Thus, the beautiful blonde unveiled on insta her new car. Maddy Burciaga just showed off her new car via her Instagram story! A big cylinder that the beautiful blonde has pimped to her liking!

This Wednesday, November 18, 2020, Maddy Burciaga filmed her new car via her Instagram story! Indeed, the darling of Benjamin Samat was proud of her new luxury car! So, Maddy detailed all of the changes she made.

“I present to you my new titin. So it’s a little transformation. I made the fires smoke on both sides, I had the logos and sprays painted black. (…) Same the descent and the black foot step. Frankly she is beautiful, she is amazing, I love the butt! I love ! »Said the beautiful Maddy!


The temperature went up a notch on Instagram a few days ago! Indeed, the sublime Maddy Burciaga posted a nice photo of her in a two-piece swimsuit via her feed! A cliché that the young woman captioned as follows: “If you can dream it, you can do it. ”

A post that Maddy fans loved! Indeed, in the space of a few days, the publication in question has already accumulated more than 280,000 likes, a real record for the former reality TV candidate!

The comments are also very numerous and all one more adorable than the others under the photo of Maddy Burciaga! Her darling, Benjamain Samat even replied the following message: “I dreamed that you loved me all your life, does that count? “If that’s not cute …

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We let you in turn admire the shot in question of the beautiful Maddy below!


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