Maddy Burciaga appears on Instagram in swimsuit!


Bomb alert ! Maddy Burciaga unveiled her new swimsuit highlighting her dream body in an Instagram story! The beautiful Maddy Burciaga has raised the temperature on Instagram! She took the opportunity to show off her beach outfit …

The darling of Benjamin Samat is causing a sensation on the networks! Indeed, everyone admires its plastic and its beauty!

However, not long ago, Maddy Burciaga was the subject of a big controversy … The beauty had therefore decided to be discreet!

Thus, it allowed her to take advantage of her darling… The latter became a real pillar in her life in record time!

Indeed, even if the lovers had decided not to formalize immediately, the love (and the curious …) was stronger than anything … So they posted a great photo on Instagram!

As much to say to you that this new couple makes a lot of noise! Indeed, since Benji separated from Alix, everyone has been studying his every move!

Maddy Burciaga is lucky, it seems that she is unanimous among fans of the Marseille star!


By the way, speaking of Marseillais, it would be very likely that Maddy Burciaga would make an appearance! Indeed, Benji will surely be in the casting!

And since the shooting will take place in Dubai, we can quite imagine that the beautiful blonde will want to visit her darling … We would love to see her on the screen, don’t you?

In the meantime, Maddy Burciaga takes advantage of the famous handsome brunette before his departure. So the couple are planning a beach trip today …

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The beautiful blonde has therefore evoked the program of her day in a pretty, very sexy swimsuit! We let you admire it in the photo above!

In any case, at MCETV, we validate our beachwear!


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