Maddie Ziegler is currently starring in the movie “Bloody Hell”. What is the movie about?


The last few months have been huge for Maddie Ziegler. Recently, the actor has starred in not one, but two successful films. A graduate of dance moms played Velma in the performance of Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story”. A lover of the original film, the 19-year-old was thrilled to combine her passion for acting and dancing and help recreate the film she loved so much. Ziegler also starred alongside Jenna Ortega in Megan Park’s directorial debut, Precipitation. The coming-of-age film received critical acclaim and allowed Ziegler to further show her acting range.

“Bloody Hell” star Maddie Ziegler | Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Maddie Ziegler will play the main role in the upcoming movie “Bloody Hell”.

It seems Ziegler is obsessed with staying busy and busy. Deadline reported that the actor returned to the set for the filming of a new film. To all the boys: P.S. The star of “I still love you” will play in the upcoming feature film “Bloody Hell”. Ziegler got the lead role of Lindy, a 16-year-old girl whose life changed dramatically when she was diagnosed with a reproductive disease. This condition makes Lindy rethink everything she knows about sex and how to be a woman. It also changes her relationship with her mother.

Emily Hampshire, a graduate of the series “Shitta Bay”, will play the dancer’s mother in the feature film.

But Ziegler won’t be the only familiar face in “Bloody Hell.” The film also stars Emily Hampshire from Schitt’s Creek. Hampshire will play Ziegler’s mother in the film, which began filming last week in Canada. The film, billed as “trauma,” is based on Molly McGlynn’s real-life experience. McGlynn, best known as the director of “Mary Goes Around in Circles,” wrote the script and is directing the film.

Maddie Ziegler and “Shitt’s Cove” star Emily Hampshire will star in “Bloody Hell,” “Coming-of-Age Trauma” from “Mary Goes Round” director Molly McGlynn