Madden NFL 23 blocks Updates, fixes Issues and more


Electronic Arts is releasing a new update for Madden NFL 23, which makes many improvements to the football simulator game, including changes in the game mechanics of blocking. Although the popularity of the Madden franchise has by no means declined, various football gameplay systems have been criticized. Less than a month after the launch, EA is trying to add some sparkle to Madden NFL 23, which it may have lacked at launch.

To confirm once again that today’s update of the Madden NFL 23 title is specifically aimed at player feedback, developer EA Tiburon said exactly that in the introduction to the update notes. The reviews address issues with Madden NFL 23 that were provided “before the global launch” and during the “early access” of the football game via EA Play. This is also a warning to Madden NFL 23 players that the feedback provided after the launch will be taken into account in the next patch of the game.

As for the patch itself, EA highlights four general changes. First, a change in the gameplay of Madden NFL 23 regarding the current blocking system for both runs and passes. Secondly, a fix for transactions between users in the online franchise mode. Thirdly, the images of newcomers and alternative helmets have been updated. And the fourth feature is dozens of bug fixes and stability improvements in all Madden NFL 23 game modes.

Blocking changes will be an obvious priority for most Madden NFL 23 players, as this is the biggest gameplay-impacting change in the title update. These changes include “tweaking” systems, including pass-block logic so that players can pass rushers to other pass blockers, chasing run blockers to improve the blocking path against defenders controlled by the player, pass blocking movement to pass blockers close to the offensive line. grappling with attackers faster and predicting a pass-block to predict the direction of abnormally moving attackers. Suffice it to say that the changes in the lock are reliable.

A little more than three weeks have passed since the release of Madden NFL 23, or a little more if you take into account early access. As for the update processing time, it’s very fast. The problem, of course, is not that the support for Madden NFL 23 after launch is not significant, but that football games continue to regularly need these updates from year to year. The annual development cycle of Madden NFL 23, which limits what developers of each game can add and improve, is still frustrating for players.

At the same time, Madden NFL 23 is still incredibly popular, and as the NFL season begins tonight, a wave of players will probably return to the game. With that in mind, today’s title update couldn’t be more timely. We hope that the title update will bring enough improvements to keep players happy, at least until the next title update comes along that responds to the feedback from Madden players after launch.

Madden NFL 23 is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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