Madden NFL 23: 10 Major Fixes the Game Needs


To be fair to the developers of Madden NFL 23, this game has actually answered many fan complaints that have been going on for a decade or more. They needed to simplify and improve some things, and after years of playing the same game with a new coat of paint, some work was done this year.

However, many of the old issues that will require efforts to fix still exist, and not all of these fixes have been received as positively as EA had hoped. They deserve credit for getting everything right in Madden NFL 23, but there’s still a list of things to look out for in future installments.

10 Audio Commentator Options

I must say that Charles Davis and Brandon Gaudin are doing fine. They should not be blamed for the lack of diversity in the comments. But it should be noted that after one sixty-minute football game, the players, in fact, heard everything they could say.

During the performances there should be more moments of “hurrah” and “wow”, and not endless analysis. What about more recognition for setting records rather than standard witticisms? Ironically, John Madden himself was known for such “boom” moments, which are simply not enough in Madden NFL 23.

9 More Player settings

The equipment customization options are almost limitless, but what about the player? This time, even height and weight are fixed depending on the position and style of play. The limited number of faces and forms is also quite cruel.

This is a downgrade in terms of setting up a player in an area that already required improvements. While other games let you scan faces, Madden is stuck in an era where gamers are stuck creating the best quarterback with a cartoon face similar to an NPC.

This applies not only to models. Ability trees and skill upgrades also have minimal choices. These are gamers, they will be worried, not scared, by a full-fledged tree of talents and attributes. Let them have it.

8 coaches, employees and fans of polishing

While some changes have been loved and others hated, the areas that have remained untouched continue to recede dramatically. You might think that with new technologies and console generations, referees and coaches will get some real functions.

Ordinary lovers of limited colors and palettes become terribly monotonous. Yes, in most sports games you have to adjust the fans to save memory, but this is too much.

7 Add an inspiring story

Technically, there is a plot in Madden NFL 23, although in fact it was deleted from the game. Listening to the announcer’s prompts and a few short cut scenes, the player who is a runner was a reserve player who did not see playing time for the Titans as they have one of the best runners in football.

The situation is the same with the other positions. No college story, no inspirational draft, nothing. If there is a story here, fix it, otherwise cut out the dialog completely. It is not difficult to make a sincere, not vulgar football plot, there are whole series of films dedicated to this topic.

6 Simplification of currencies

Good luck to all newbies who are learning about the game for the first time and trying to understand what each currency does. Too much. Some work only in some modes. And none of them is explained very well.

This is what microtransaction games (this will be discussed later) do to confuse their player base. Gamers want to play for fun, and if they need a notepad to keep track of the economy of the game, then something has gone wrong.

5 Watch less, play more

During the game, players often get stuck watching the replay until they can finally press the button to move on to the next replay. After listening to the same celebration a hundred times, it is no longer interesting. Yes, the highlights can be cool, but let the gamers decide for themselves whether they want to watch them or not.

This can become tedious, especially after switching to offense or defense. Gamers who create the widest possible receiver do not want to sit and listen to the same analysis of the attacking philosophy twelve times per game.

4. Fast time between games

There is another lag area between games. These moments in the “Franchise” and “Face of the Franchise” modes are appreciated, as players will want to update and view some league news. However, the loading time can get ridiculous.

Why loading the player update screen takes the same amount of time as loading the entire game is a mystery. Some optimization needs to be done here so that players can invest and get back into the game.

3 accurate face models

Body models have received much-needed love this year (although there are still some frills), but face models are as poor as ever.


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