Madden NFL 23: 10 Franchise Tips for New Players


Many correctly note the changes in the Face of the Franchise mode in Madden NFL 23 and call it an overhaul. Maybe that’s not the right word. Considering how gutted the story and plot are and how much the mechanics of pumping are cut down, in fact, this is more of a “major overhaul”.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad change for Madden NFL 23. The acting and dialogue were unpleasant, and the systems were so complex that it was no different from the franchise mode. Simplicity is appreciated and a reorientation to what is important, this can confuse veterans if they get used to the old. Here are some tips for a successful career.

10. Combine physique with style

There are no wrong answers about how to build a player, but there is certainly an optimal physique. Those who want to be an extreme defender will find that, for example, the physique of a “Fighter” will make the game extremely difficult. Think about your preferred style of play and choose the most appropriate physique.

For example, it’s perfectly normal to be a bruiser or a nimble runner back, but keep in mind that the first one will want to run up the belly, and the second one will do better from the outside. Any build can potentially be the best runningback in the game, just be sure to know which draws you need to call.

9 Ignore the yard (for now)

The yard is completely separate from the face of the franchise, except that the same avatar is used in this mode. When initially creating an avatar, players will need to choose a position, but this decision is not assigned to the face of the franchise. Gamers can be a great quarterback in one and a first-class receiver in the other.

This also includes cosmetics for The Yard. Not only are they expensive, but none of them will work under a franchise. The yard is fun, but put it aside for now, it can always be picked up after a small level increase in the campaign.

8 Choose your position wisely

Having finished with the avatar, start a new career and choose a position to play. Although previous versions of the game allowed you to change positions for a moment, this is no longer in the game. A new position means a completely new career.

Again, there are no wrong answers. Quarterbacks have the most control over the outcome of the game, but being an elite tight end also seems incredible. After all, this is a game created for the enjoyment of the players, so do what you think is right.

7 Understanding credit and reputation

During the Face of the Franchise game, two “currencies” are offered that are not immediately explained. The first is a Credit that is used to unlock equipment in the yard. Those who are not interested in this mode will find it useless for them in Face of the Franchise.

Reputation, although issued in the form of currency, means experience in slang. More reputation will lead to faster level-up. Becoming the best midfielder in the district or in any other position will mean wanting to grab a reputation at every opportunity.

6 Choose your favorite team

Players are encouraged to choose a team that pays them well and switch to a scheme that suits them. There are moderate reasons, such as a small amount of reputation and credits, to choose a certain team, but it is more important to choose your favorite team.

The scheme does not matter at all, since the players themselves choose the schemes and play in this mode both in attack and defense. If the rewards were more substantial, there could be a significant incentive to play for a particular team, but they are all very close to the same thing.

5 The player will automatically start

In most parts of the Madden franchise, the desire to be a quarterback on a team like the Green Bay Packers is a serious problem. They have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and they are not eager to introduce a new player any time soon.

In Madden NFL 23, the selected team automatically exchanges its starting player for a position and gives the role to the created player. So don’t worry about all these things with OVR, getting the starting job is completely automatic.

4. Equipment is purely customization

When gamers choose “Upgrade Player”, they are asked to choose between improving skills and changing equipment. Common sense suggests that one gear is better than the other or that there are unlockable improvements. No.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Personalization is important for most people playing Face of the Franchise. Go ahead and make a player that looks appropriate without worrying about whether the gear is “good”.

3 skill and ability upgrades between each game

When players just play, their reputation will grow. This reputation should be spent quickly so that the player gets even more reputation at the expense of better abilities. Reputation accumulation is a game with one hand tied behind the player’s back.

The goal is to gain experience in the snowball. The more experience, the better the player, which means more experience and so on.


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