Madden NFL 21, Insufficient changes on the field


An alarming lack of novelty in all its aspects makes Madden NFL 21 a step back for the franchise, in need of changes in the new generation.

The teams are already preparing, although the beginning of the 2020/2021 season in the NFL is something, like almost everything in these times, a complete unknown. Not so in the case of the pertinent arrival, as every season, of a new installment of the most veteran sports franchise of all that Electronic Arts has, and Madden NFL 21 is not lacking, how could it be otherwise, to the appointment. The current MVP Lamar Jackson, the double winner Patrick Mahomes (ring and contract in summer) and all the changes that have come, such as the name of the former Washington Redskins due to the racial situation in the US, or the new shirt that Tom Brady will wear (that of the Buccaneers), are just some of the attractions of this uncertain season, all of them reflected in this new installment. Unfortunately, the Canadian company has not been able to change on its own and suffers from an obvious exhaustion, partly the result of hardware that does not give for more, but also, and this is not inherent to a final generation, to a certain laziness.

Insufficient changes on the field

Let’s be frank: it is not easy to offer every season a product that feels like new, especially in the case of sports titles, and even more so when they have reached a certain level of quality, especially playable. In this case, and although it is far from perfect, Madden’s gameplay has been without much change for several years, each year needing a couple of tweaks here and there, this time offering the so-called skill stick. Namely: each movement of the ball carrier -player who carries the ball- is carried out with the right stick, being able to feint to one side to go to the other simply by turning right or left or doing a reverse by making a movement of 90 degrees, Without going any further, actions previously assigned to the triggers, for example.

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This twist of the screw has a great influence especially in the racing game, which increasingly requires more skill on the part of the player – we always start from the premise of playing on All Pro difficulty or higher – and above all, of having patience , find the hole opened by the offensive line, and start. It is also something that the wide receivers will appreciate, although we already know how difficult it is to get YAC -yardas after the reception- in Madden, with which the running backs are the main beneficiaries of this change, especially when the defense against the race continues to be exceptionally effective.


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