MadameWeb Video Apparently Confirms Dakota Johnson’s Role


Work continues on the newest spin-off of “Madame of the Web” about Spider-Man, and this work may have just confirmed the role that star Dakota Johnson is taking on. There has been some speculation about which version of “Madame Web Johnson” will play, but a recent video seems to have confirmed what fans have only guessed so far.

As work on the Spider-Man spin-off continues, more and more information about the upcoming movie is starting to get online. This includes the addition of actors like Adam Scott from Severance. However, for the most part, although the cast gets these official additions, little is known about who the actors will be playing. However, the biggest mystery surrounding the film is who Johnson will be.

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Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the Dakota Johnson Updates Twitter account received a new video from the shoot that seemed to confirm to Madame Web comics fans that the actress would be playing Julia Carpenter. This assumption is based on the fact that in the short clip Johnson can be seen in a long red leather jacket.

There have been rumors for months that Johnson will play either Carpenter or another protagonist of the Madame Web universe, Cassandra Webb. Cassandra was the original Madame Web in the comics, although she usually appears as an older version of the character. For this reason, most fans found it more reasonable that Johnson would wear Carpenter’s mantle.

The fact that Johnson appears to be playing Julia Carpenter may also confirm that this movie is part of what Sony is trying to do with its Spider-Man-centric film universe. Previous footage from the set of “Madame Web” hints that the film will be set in the early 2000s, which makes some sense if it also creates some other individual films that will be loosely related to Spider-Man, even if they don’t show a web head.

These films include the upcoming movie “Craven the Hunter”. In the comics, Julia Carpenter gained her Madame Web abilities when Cassandra Webb was sacrificed to resurrect Kraven. Of course, it may seem that part of this story will change, but the fact that Dakota Johnson is apparently going to be played by Carpenter hints that there will be some kind of connection between the two films.

“Madame Web” will be released in theaters on October 6, 2023.


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