Mad Max: Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron Would Have Fought Badly On Set; Understand!


Mad Max: Vanity Fair has made available some excerpts from the book Blood, Sweat and Chrome. The work tells the backstage of the production of Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy. According to reports, the environment was very complicated, due to several relationship problems that happened between the two actors.

“I remember the day very well,” comments camera operator Mark Goellnicht. “Recording on set was scheduled for eight o’clock. Charlize arrived at that time and sat in the truck, knowing that Tom would never arrive at eight. He was famous for never being on time in the morning. It was 11 am when we saw him in the distance, walking through the desert towards the place where the scene would be recorded. Charlize jumped out of the truck and started yelling at him, ‘Fine this motherfucker $100,000 for every minute he made this whole crew wait! What disrespect!’ She was right, of course, but the set was so loud, and it was so windy, that I don’t even know how much Tom heard.”

Theron confirmed the situation and commented that Hardy approached her, asking what she had said. The actress stated that she felt insecure about the situation and requested that a producer accompany her from that moment on. She also commented that she felt sorry for the way the rest of the cast had to deal with the situation.

“Things got to a point where they got out of hand, and I felt like having a woman by my side could even out things, because I wasn’t feeling safe. Either we were fighting or we weren’t even talking – I don’t know which is worse – and the other actors had to deal with it on their own. It was horrible! It was not a healthy work environment. I apologise immensely”.

Hardy also acknowledged that he overreacted during the recordings. “Looking back, I think I was out of my mind in a lot of ways. The pressure on both of us was too great at times. What Charlize needed was a better, more experienced scene partner. I like to think that today, when I’m older, I might do justice to it”.