Mad Max: Furiosa Synopsis Points To Serious Plot Problems


After months of speculation, the official synopsis of the plot of Mad Max: Furios, the prequel to Fury Road, has finally appeared, and the synopsis brings with it a number of potential plot issues. From remaking the main character to changing the shooting location at the last second, the 2015 hit “Mad Max: Fury Road” went through a messy, complex and lengthy production process. However, not only was the long-awaited sequel worth waiting for, but “Mad Max: Fury Road” exceeded all expectations and became one of the most famous fighters of the new millennium.

Thus, the news that the widely publicized prequel “Mad Max: Fury Road” “Furiosa” has a dubious synopsis may not bother fans of the franchise too much. During the production of an earlier sequel, Eminem almost played Mad Max, and the film was almost completely canceled a few days before filming, so there is no reason to think that Furiosa is doomed solely because of the choice of plot. Nevertheless, the first official news about the plot of the “Mad Max” prequel still causes concern.

Ever since the prequel was first announced, Furiosa has been seen as a great opportunity for the Mad Max franchise to finally show how the world ended in the universe of the iconic sci-fi franchise. While every Mad Max movie has hinted at an explanation for the collapse of human civilization, these reasons range from nuclear war to environmental disaster. However, since director George Miller shot the original hit “Mad Max” in 1979 (the action takes place shortly before the apocalypse in the universe), the series did not return to the end of the world and did not explain how it happened. As a prequel, Furiosa seemed ready to answer that question. However, the official plot synopsis of “Furiosa” was released in June 2022, and the synopsis implies that the film still does not explain how the apocalypse happened in the “Mad Max” franchise, while also relying on the old villain instead of the new antagonist.

Official synopsis of Furiosa

Furiosa began filming in Broken Hill earlier, in 2022, with a cast that included Anya Taylor-Joy, Tom Burke and Chris Hemsworth. The return of the film’s production to Australia corrected the “Mad Max: Fury Road” mistake, as it returned the series to its unique look, but the official synopsis of the film is not so encouraging. The synopsis of Furiosa sounds like this:

“When the world has fallen, the young Furiosa is torn out of the Green Place by many mothers and she falls into the hands of the great biker horde led by the warlord Dementus. Making their way through the Wasteland, they stumble upon the Citadel, which is led by the Immortal Joe. While the two tyrants are fighting for dominance, Furiosa will have to go through many trials while she collects funds to find her way home.”

Furiosa Won’t Necessarily Explain the Mad Max Apocalypse

While Furiosa’s brief synopsis talks about the fall of the world, it’s important to note that Vuvalini’s Mad Max: Fury Road, the Green Place of many Mothers, and a Horde of Bikers exist whenever this prequel is set. This means that the story will take place around the same time as Beyond Thunderdome or The Road Warrior, but certainly not during the time of the original Mad Max. Since both the Vuvalini and the Biker Hordes are post-apocalyptic societies that emerged years after the apocalypse of the Mad Max universe, this means that Furiosa is unlikely to finally show what put an end to civilization in the world Mad Max. Instead, Furiosa’s story will apparently begin after an unseen incident, leaving the question of how the world ended in the Mad Max universe still unanswered.

The ending of the prequel Furiosa is predetermined

The problems with the Furiosa synopsis do not end with the period of the prequel “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Furiosa’s story was also supposed to show the character’s life before she found herself in the service of the evil warlord Immortal Joe, concretizing the character of a character whose story has so far been defined by a brutal trauma, but nothing more. Nevertheless, by including the Immortal Joe in a film that should be centered around his heroine, the prequel “Mad Max: Fury Road” risks overshadowing the story of the origin of Furiosa in favor of presenting a large amount of plot that viewers could already learn from an earlier sequel. While Furiosa’s justly hated comic backstory made Immortal Joe’s ritual assault on his many wives unnecessarily explicit, most viewers watching Mad Max: Fury Road could see from the film’s meager, effective narrative that Furiosa didn’t want to work for her grotesque employer, but there are few other options available to her in the dusty wasteland. Citadels.

As a result, the problem with adding Immortal Joe to the Furiosa prequel story is that the movie now has a predetermined ending.