Mad Max: Furiosa Can Perfect 1 Chris Hemsworth Movie Trend


Chris Hemsworth will appear in the upcoming spin-off “Mad Max” Furiosa, which can improve one of the main movie trends of the actor. There are few details about the long-awaited film yet, but given that the director of Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller, is returning to work on Furiosa, expectations are already high. One of the reasons Furiosa is excited is Chris Hemsworth’s debut in the Mad Max universe and how his appearance here can be a big plus for his acting career.

Furiosa is an upcoming spin–off of Mad Max: Fury Road, which tells the story of a titled military captain who rebelled against the Immortal Joe to free Five wives. Furiosa will actually be a prequel to Fury Road, but there are few plot details beyond that. Most of the Fury Road team is returning to work on Furiosa, including director George Miller and screenwriter Niko Latouris. One notable exception is Charlize Theron, Furiosa’s actress from Fury Road, and Anya Taylor-Joy plays Furiosa in the spin-off.

Furiosa already has several big names, but one of the most high-profile is the villain of the film: Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth will play the villain Furiosa, reportedly a character named Commander Dementus. While Hemsworth’s career has mostly consisted of playing likable characters (especially in the Marvel Thor franchise), the actor has recently appeared as antagonists several times. Two of the most famous examples of this are his characters in Bad Times at the El Royal Hotel and in the later Netflix movie Spider’s Head. Now that Chris Hemsworth is playing the villain in a big movie like “Furiosa,” all signs point to the actor finally playing the fateful role of the villain, inspired by the vast and exciting universe in which he now plays the role.

Although Hemsworth excelled in “El Royal” and “Spider’s Head,” both films received mixed reviews, and many critics said that the films needed to refine their scripts. However, now Hemsworth has the support of the famous director George Miller, who has already shown that he can create fantastic antagonists of “Mad Max”. Chris Hemsworth’s character in “Spider-Head” may just be a warm-up before the incredible performance he could show in “Furios,” as he has great opportunities to fill in the footprints behind the Non-Mortal Joe. Now that Hemsworth is working with better material, Furiosa can allow the actor to finally escape his heroic type by giving him the opportunity to perfect his recent villain trend.

We hope that the dynamic duo of Miller and Latouris will once again create a cult villain, this time with Chris Hemsworth in the role. Hemsworth clearly tried to show his range by taking on the role of antagonist in several small films, but the results were mediocre. “Furiosa,” George Miller’s blockbuster, may just be a movie that allows Chris Hemsworth to fulfill his dreams of being a villain.