Mad Gaze Announces World’s First Motion Control Smart Watch


Mad Gaze announces her smart watch, which can be controlled by hand gestures, and started raising funds for production. The world’s first movement-controlled smartwatch gives you control over apps and features with dozens of different shortcuts.

Mad Gaze has developed a motion-controlled smartwatch that allows you to control the digital world from your wrist. This smart watch allows you to answer calls, write messages, take photos and more using hand gestures.

Mad Gaze’s smartwatch offers everything expected from a smartwatch, including fitness tracking, GPS, the ability to send and receive messages. However, it provides more practical control over applications with 33 shortcuts that can be controlled by motion. The smart watch also offers practical features for business and gaming.

The smart watch allows you to control different functions such as taking a photo, answering a call, playing music or setting a timer with gestures such as touching the back of your hand, holding your finger and turning your wrist. There’s even a built-in radio feature that lets you instantly connect with other Mad Gaze watch owners.

Mad Gaze smart watch uses a gyroscope and accelerometer sensor, which can capture different vibration waves and movements of your hand and turn them into certain functions. You can define shortcuts triggered by movement on the watch as you wish. Finally, this watch also offers dust and water resistance with IP67 certification.

Shipments of the Mad Gaze smartwatch, which can be pre-ordered in Indiegogo, will begin this year. Those who are curious about the smart watch can reach the Indiegogo page here.

Mad Gaze smart watch introduction video:


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