Macs with Apple M1 are ‘bricking’ in macOS restoration


Buyers of Mac computers equipped with the Apple M1 are reporting a device crash after a system restore. According to the descriptions, the computer displays an error message during the OS reinstallation process, but is unable to restart the previous system, locking the device.

So far, there are three similar reports on the MacRumors forums. They report that they tried unsuccessfully to restore MacOS from the new Macs to the factory version (as a standard format), but came across a persistent error message: “An error occurred while preparing for the update. Customizing the software update failed. Please try again.”.

“I had just received my MacBook Pro with M1 and MacBook Air, and since I don’t need any included software, it’s a standard procedure to restore the operating system to get rid of things like Garage Band and iMovie quickly.” RyanFlynn in one of the forum posts. “During the installation procedure, an error related to‘ customization of the system update ’happened.”

After that, RyanFlynn contacted the company’s support, Apple Care and, hours later grabbed the phone, was told by the attendant that another 75 people called reporting the same problem and that they still didn’t have a solution. “It was recommended that I return my device, or wait for a solution. Without a working operating system, there is no way to install future updates. The device was completely unusable. ”, He concluded.

The costly solution

Other users who were victims of the problem found a possible solution to the problem. They recalled instructions from Apple support for reconfiguring devices equipped with the Apple M1 – a process that requires the latest version of Apple Configurator 2, an alternate Mac in perfect working order and a cable to connect them.

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By performing this process, the affected Mac’s firmware is restored and updates recoveryOS to the latest version, uninstalling and installing the macOS version and deleting all personal data. According to MacRumors, two readers participating in the forums circumvented the general failure with this solution.


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