Macron: We are trying to persuade Putin about Ukraine


Following the unofficial European Union (EU) Summit of Presidents held at the Versailles Castle in Paris, Macron held a joint press conference with EU Council President Charles Michel and EU Committee President Ursula von der Leyen.


Summarizing that they took swift and heavy sanction decisions against Russia and that they were ready to decide on new ones if this country continued its raids, Macron stated that they continued the “pressure” against Russia for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the withdrawal of its troops.

When asked whether Europe is weak in stopping Russia’s attacks, Macron said that they would not respond to this war on the ground, and that they were not in a war against Moscow.


Stating that the Europeans responded to the war by imposing sanctions against Russia, supporting Ukraine and isolating Russia in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Macron said, “We are trying to persuade Putin to start negotiations with Ukraine again. We will take the necessary measures to stop Russia’s attacks.” said.

Macron said that Europe needs to be more dominant and independent, and that its strategy for defense will be determined by May.

Mentioning that it is necessary to gain independence against Russia until 2027 on natural gas, oil and coal, Macron said that establishing peace in the European continent is to ensure unity in the middle of the EU member states.

Macron noted that the EU membership applications of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia will be examined by the EU Council.