Macro Economist: May Be Next $ 2,000 in Bitcoin


Although Bitcoin achieved a “fragile rise” after the fall on March 12, this may not be a good development compared to a leading macroeconomist. Henrik Zeberg, one of the well-known names in the industry, pointed out that BTC investors are waiting for hard times in his last article and graphic that he shared on TradingView.

Danger Waiting For Bitcoin
Zeberg highlighted that such a slight increase in Bitcoin price actually meant a harder decrease. Stating that BTC is acting the same as the global economy for the moment, the analyst explained that if there is a divergence in this regard, BTC can see the bottom.

According to Zeberg’s estimates, BTC could drop to $ 2,000 in the near term. Stating when or how this will happen is not certain, the analyst also stated that in order for this to happen, Bitcoin must completely separate from traditional markets.

In the continuation of the analyst’s statement, he underlined that if the US dollar strengthens, levels that could not be seen before can be decreased. For now, even though the US economy is constantly printing money, the dollar may survive and a problem may occur and cracks may occur soon.


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