macOS Ventura and iPad OS 16 are allegedly postponed: Will the iPhone get iOS 16 in time?


It is claimed that the updates prepared by Apple for operating systems may be with some delay. Especially macOS and iPadOS updates may remain in October.

One of the most important factors of Apple’s success are operating systems that can use the device’s hardware at the highest level and have become the number one choice for many people. New updates to Apple’s operating system that want to maintain this positive effect are also on the way.

Although there are reports that the American tech giant has completed the first preparation for iOS 16, the light at the end of the tunnel for iPad and Mac is not yet visible. According to the news, Apple, which is due to open iOS 16 to everyone in September, will wait until October for iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

Apple has reasons to wait

Allegedly, Apple managed to prepare iOS 16 this month for an event that it will hold next month and introduce the new iPhone 14 family. Thus, when new smartphones are released, an operating system suitable for the hardware of the phones will be released. On the other hand, they say that at Apple’s September event we will see “new hardware” other than the iPhone. In other words, at this event we can see the long-awaited Apple Watch 8 series.

It is claimed that macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 will appear in October. The reason for this is not that Apple has not yet finished the stable version of its operating systems. The company’s goal is to develop an operating system suitable for new hardware.

These statements seem quite logical if we look at Apple’s history. Before the pandemic, the company held a promotional event for the iPhone series in September, and a month later announced new Macs and iPads at an event similar to the WDCC.


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