MacOS Big Sur: The changes brought by the new Apple OS


At an event dedicated exclusively to Apple IT equipment, this week’s Keynote November 2020 allowed us to take a look at the latest news in Apple computers and laptops, with the new models and the presentation of Apple’s proprietary M1 chipset. , the new heart of your computers.

But it was also time to present macOS Big Sur, the new version of Apple’s operating system for its laptops and desktops. Here we tell you how to know if your computer is compatible and how to download and install macOS, and then all the news that it brings:

Renewed design

Big Sur offers a spacious new layout that makes navigation easier, while putting more controls within the reach of on-screen users thanks to a subtle redesign of the interface. The Dock icons retain “their Mac persona, while at the same time appearing more consistent across the Apple ecosystem” to unify their appearance. In addition, the new design of the applications makes it easier for users to focus on and interact with their content. Buttons and controls appear when they are needed and are removed when they are not, reducing visual complexity and bringing the most relevant content to the fore.

The new Control Center gives users quick access to controls for Do Not Disturb, displays, keyboard brightness and more, directly from the menu bar. Users can see more relevant information at a glance in the updated Notification Center, including interactive notifications and redesigned widgets.

Safari: Faster, more personal and more private

Safari’s biggest update since its original release in 2003 makes the browser even faster without sacrificing battery life, loading frequently visited sites an average of 50% faster than Chrome. Additionally, on new Mac computers equipped with Apple’s M1 chip, Safari is now up to 1.5 times faster at executing JavaScript.

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Streaming on the most popular platforms is more vivid and clear with the addition of YouTube and Netflix in 4K HDR. The redesigned tabs make browsing in Safari faster and more efficient by displaying more tabs on the screen, revealing page previews when hovering over the tabs, and displaying the default icons for easy identification.

Safari offers an even more personal experience while browsing the web, including a new customizable home page where users can add a personal background image, a reading list, iCloud tabs, and much more. With built-in translation, Safari can detect and translate entire 7-language web pages, and new Safari extensions can be easily discovered for download via the Mac App Store with categories including featured editorials and top graphics.


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