macOS Big Sur System Requirements: Which Mac Models Are Supported?


The new update, macOS Big Sur, which came to macOS, the operating system of Apple computers, created excitement for all users. So, which Mac models will be able to get the Big Sur update? We have explained the details for you.

One of the most important news that marked the WWDC meeting held by Apple every year was the update to macOS Big Sur, which will come to Apple computers. In the promotion on June 22, 2020, the macOS Big Sur update was previewed, and this news sparked a wave of excitement among all Apple users.

Should everyone be satisfied with this exciting news? Unfortunately no. Because macOS Big Sur won’t be compatible for every Mac computer, but don’t despair right away, system requirements aren’t that high. We explained the macOS Big Sur system requirements for you and prepared a list of supported Mac models.

Mac models that support macOS Big Sur:

MacBook 2015 and later models
MacBook Air 2013 and later models
MacBook Pro 2013 and later models
Mac mini 2014 and later models
iMac 2014 and later models
iMac Pro 2017 and later models
Mac Pro 2013 and later models

Mac users will remember that many Mac computers could not take advantage of this new update due to the system requirements required by the macOS 10.15 Catalina update. Apple will have listened to users that more Mac models will benefit from the macOS Big Sur update when it is released.

If your Mac computer is one of the above models, you can install the macOS Big Sur update on your computer as soon as it is released. Another detail as important as the model is that there is enough storage space on your computer. If you do not know the model of your computer, there is an easy method to learn.

How can you learn the year and model of your Mac computer?

Step # 1: Click on the Apple logo located in the left corner of the home screen.
Step # 2: Click About This Mac from the pop-up menu.
Step # 3: Click the System Report button here.
Step # 4: In the screen that opens, you can see all the details about your device.

You can see information about the year and model of the computer on the box of some Mac models, though not all. Another option is the information guide that you can find inside the box of the device. Of course, the method we described above will ensure you get the most accurate result.

When will macOS Big Sur be released?

Currently only the developer beta version of the macOS Big Sur update has been released. It is known that the public beta version will be released in July. Users who want can start using beta version.

The macOS Big Sur update, which can be used by all compatible Mac computer models, is expected to be released in the autumn of 2020. If there are new explanations about the subject, we will announce to you.

Should I install macOS Big Sur?

Of course, this issue is up to the user as in all updates, but if you want to use your Mac computer with full efficiency and your device is compatible, it is useful to install it.

Updates help devices run healthier. In addition, Apple offers extremely exciting features in the macOS Big Sur update. As an Apple user, no one wants to miss these features. Even this is a good reason to install the new update.

We explained the system requirements of the macOS Big Sur update, which will come to macOS, the operating system of Apple computers for you, and listed the supported Mac models. You can review the details of the new update on the Apple official website.


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