MacOS Big Sur Released For All Compatible Mac Models


Apple released the newest version of the operating system, MacOS Big Sur, for all compatible Mac models. However, some users who update the operating system as soon as it is released report that they have experienced various problems.

As of last night, Apple opened MacOS Big Sur (MacOS 11.0), the largest update of MacOS, the operating system developed for its desktop and laptop computers, to the access of Mac owners. MacOS Big Sur is currently available for download by anyone with a compatible Mac model.

With MacOS Big Sur, Apple brings significant changes in the operating system both visually and functionally. In addition to the interface and icon changes, the movement of the menu bar from top to bottom is among the biggest visual changes; iOS-referenced updates such as the widget and new control center aim to improve the user experience.

Big Sur is one of the biggest updates released to macOS in recent years

We all know how important Apple is to privacy. Therefore, it would not be expected that there would not be new privacy-oriented features in MacOS Big Sur. With the new version of the operating system, Apple provides better website tracking information to inform users in Safari; it also adds new privacy data features to the Mac App Store.

Big Sur is of great importance not only for current Mac models, but also for new generation MacBooks powered by the Apple M1 processor. Because Big Sur, when the new MacBooks are released on November 17, these devices will be the default MacOS version and will offer an extra feature that is not available on current models with Intel processors; Support for running iOS and iPad apps.

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Mac models compatible with MacOS Big Sur

MacBook (2015 and newer)
MacBook Air (2013 and newer)
MacBook Pro (2013 and newer)
Mac mini (2014 and newer)
iMac (2014 and newer)
iMac Pro (2017 and newer)
Mac Pro (2013 and newer)

Although macOS Big Sur has many exciting features and changes, we recommend that you wait for a while before updating your device to Big Sur. Because, according to the posts and posts on technology forums and social media, MacOS Big Sur can cause various problems on some Mac models, and you may encounter various errors from the update of the operating system to the opening of the applications.


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