macOS Big Sur release date officially announced


Apple made the anticipated announcement about the macOS 11.0 release, in other words, the release date of the macOS Big Sur update at the end of the “One More Thing” event. macOS Big Sur will be released on November 12th.

This version, which was previewed at Apple’s developer conference last June, has been tested by curious and interested users as an open beta since August. This version will be Apple’s first macOS version to support the new M1 chip. When you download and install this new update that will be offered for free, some design and visual changes taken from iOS will catch your attention at first glance.

macOS Big Sur innovations

First of all, Big Sur comes with a customizable Control Center. From here, brightness adjustment, Do Not Disturb and other preferences can be easily accessed. There’s also a new notification center that keeps all notifications and redesigned widgets together. These are displayed in a single column. The most recent alerts are shown first and grouped notifications are also gathered together. Both interfaces are semi-transparent as on iOS. Other visual changes include longer menu bars, font color changes due to the desktop background, and the use of more translucent windows.

Some apps like Mail and Photos also have design updates. In addition, Maps for Mac also comes with a new version. New features coming to the Maps app with the update include customized Guides, 360-degree location views, directions for bicycles and electric vehicles, live updates for shared estimated arrival times, busy areas and indoor maps. Of course, almost all of these innovations can be used abroad.

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In addition to the design changes, Big Sur also has some privacy-oriented features. There is a section in Safari called Privacy Report. Here, the site followers blocked by the internet browser in the last 30 days are shown. In addition, Safari constantly monitors whether saved passwords are in a data leak and recommends you change the password when it detects it. Big Sur’s App Store also shows information on which application collects what kind of data and what data it can share with third parties for tracking purposes.

Finally, Apple says that the Mac’s screens will wake up immediately when it is turned on, and in this respect, it will be similar to the iPhone’s screen being turned on immediately.

You will have the opportunity to experience these innovations from 12 November.


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