macOS Big Sur is out! Here’s what’s new


Apple has released the highly anticipated macOS Big Sur update. Normally, it was expected to be released at the same time as iOS 14. However, Apple, who wanted to wait for the introduction of ARM processor Macs, presented the new version of macOS to users two days after the event (November 12, 2020).

How to install macOS Big Sur?

Big Sur is one of the biggest updates Apple has released for its computers to date. Because, from the redesign of the interface, icons and menu bar, to the new control center that brings iOS to mind, a completely new interface appears before users.

To install the Big Sur update, simply click the Apple icon in the upper left corner and then follow the System Preferences> Software Update path.

macOS Big Sur 11.0 features

Another remarkable innovation among macOS Big Sur 11.0 features was made for Messages. The Messages application allows messages to be sent, although it can be more personalized. Conversations made in groups can be followed more easily. It is possible to forward the message to a single person by writing the first name in the group message. New photo picker, GIF and video sharing options are available in the application.

mac os big sur 11.0 özellikleri

Safari now more useful

With macOS Big Sur 11.0, pages translated with a single click appear in Safari. MacOS Big Sur 11.0, which has been in Chrome for a long time, now translates between 7 languages ​​thanks to artificial intelligence. Thanks to cookie blocking and incognito mode, a more private browsing experience is offered. A privacy report is prepared for the sites accessed. This report contains information about the site visited.

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Also, Safari has become more customizable with the change in design. On the Safari homepage, users will be able to create custom shortcuts and install plugins. Along with these plugins, improvements were made for the JavaScript engine. In the announcement, it was stated that Safari on macOS has 50 percent faster page load time than Chrome.

mac os big sur 11.0 özellikleri

Apple Maps has been redesigned

The new version offers a map experience that has been improved from the beginning. Information from local guides is now on Apple Maps. It is possible to set directions to the desired location on the Mac and send them to iPhone or Apple Watch devices.

mac os big sur 11.0 özellikleri


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