macOS Big Sur is on the agenda with new problems!


Introducing the ARM processor Mac family, Apple recently released the new macOS version. Some MacBook Pro users who updated macOS Big Sur shared the problem they experienced after the update.

Older MacBook Pro models are on the agenda with macOS Big Sur problem

Many companies have announced that they will soon release updates for macOS Big Sur for models with Apple M1 processors. Some applications failed due to the new version after the Big Sur update. MacOS Big Sur, which is still under development, caused the 2013 and 2014 MacBook Pro models to fail.

bazı MacBook Pro modelleri macOS Big Sur sorunu ile gündemde

2013 and 2014 13-inch MacBook Pro owners stated that after the update, their devices remained on the splash screen and could not be recovered in any way. It was noteworthy that these models are the oldest models that support the Big Sur version.

Some users think the problem may be with driver support. Reddit users, who stated that they have done research on the problem but have not reached a conclusion yet, said that they will contact Apple support about this issue.

No statement has yet been issued by Apple regarding this problem.

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