MacOS Big Sur is coming this Thursday, which compatible?


Apple has shown the world its latest live show in which it has presented its new computers. There are three products that arrive to renew their MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini lines and they all share one thing: MacOS Big Sur will be the operating system that works inside. The good news is that your machine will improve its software soon, but you have to keep an eye on which Macs are compatible.

These are the Macs that will be upgraded to Big Sur

Large operating system updates always take time to install, taking your machine out of service for a few minutes. The good part is that you will have all the new features of the operating system at your disposal, the bad part is that you will have to configure some parameters of the new functions, something that will not take long if it is a simple task.

This also happens to Mac users, who are in luck for the imminent arrival of MacOS Big Sur. The new operating system was presented to the public five months ago and since then those of Cupertino have worked to stabilize the system so that when it reaches users everything is perfect. But of course, this will be for those who have a compatible device because not all Macs are compatible with the new version of MacOS.

This happens in all the company’s devices. If we follow the case of iPhone there are models that this year have run out of iOS, and the same happens with iPads and iPods. For this reason, if you have one of the following previous models to which we present you, your equipment will stay updated:

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