Machine Gun Kelly Shares Nude Photo, reveals preparations for “good mourning”, including squats and “blunts”


Exposing it all! Machine Gun Kelly showed that he was a triple threat — the script, the direction and the main role in Good Mourning — and he had a very specific way to get into the role.

“I did as many as 5 squats (and 200 squats) to prepare for the role in Good Mourning. 💪🏼 🎬 put 🍿 if you got stoned and watched our movie,” the 32—year-old rapper “Bloody Valentine” (real name Colson Baker) signed a Saturday, May 21, carousel on Instagram, in which he starred naked with a small towel to cover his private parts.

The comedy, which was released on Friday, May 20, tells the story of movie star London Ransom (Kelly), whose life spirals after he finds out that his girlfriend (Becky Gee) cancels their romance via text message on the most important day of his career.

“I want to say thank you to [MGK] for sending me this message, and thank you to Megan [Fox, his fiancee], who sent him this message, because of which he thought she was breaking up with him,” co-star Maude Sun said in an interview. An Instagram video from the film’s premiere earlier this month. “In fact, she was probably just being really nice and saying she loved [you], but we all know how this guy’s mind works—in a spiral! Thank you for the disaster that happened, which made this movie a reality.”

Dove Cameron, Whitney Cummings, Pete Davidson and Fox also starred in “Good Mourning” — the rapper’s directorial debut.

“I just think she’s comedic genius,” the “Emo Girl” singer told Entertainment Tonight about 35—year-old actress Jennifer Bodie, to whom he proposed in January, at the May 12 premiere. “I think she’s so underrated as a comedian and just as an actor who can adapt to different faces and phases, so it was an honor.”

He added: “It’s so funny, I tried to make her look different from Megan Fox. I said, “We should put an old lady’s wig on you,” and she was like, “I got this,” and she was her, and she was Kennedy. And Kennedy was kind of an ode to [her character] Reagan from “The New Girl.” So it was kind of meta.”

Despite the untimely text, Kelly and Fox, who have sons Noah, 9, Bodhi, 8, and Jonny, 5, with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, have a much smoother relationship than London has with her ex.

“The second I was in the room with him… I immediately realized that he was what I call a twin flame,” the Tennessee native told astrologer Susan Miller during the release of the podcast “Give Them Lala” in July 2020. “The twin flame is not a soul mate, but a place where the soul has risen to a high enough level that it can be divided into two different bodies at the same time. So I think we’re actually two halves of the same soul. And I told him that almost immediately, because I felt it right away.”